The Medley Collection

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The Medley Collection is set containing the Wedding collection, the Party collection and the Christmas collection combined into one set.  It consists of (14) two sided hand held signs with 28 various sayings, back & front

  • "Bah Humbug"
  • "Dear Santa, Let me explain..."
  • "I'm On The Naughty List"
  • "I'm On The Nice List"
  • "Ooohhhhh Fffuuddggee"
  • "Too Hot For Cocoa"
  • "Santa's Little Helper"
  • "Rudulph Is My Homeboy"
  • "Congrats"
  • "Game Over"
  • "Happily Ever After"
  • "Hitched"
  • "Love Birds"
  • "Mr."
  • "Mrs."
  • "Pants Off Dance Off"
  • "We Are Family"
  • "Wedding Crasher"
  • "Bootylicious"
  • "Dancing Queen"
  • "I Love Lamp"
  • "MILF"
  • "Party Crasher"
  • "Secret Ninja"
  • "Strike A Pose"
  • "Stud Muffin"
  • "Winning"
  • "Yeah Baby"

Product Details All signs are made with 1/8" thick PVC. Approximate size of each sign is 5x8". All graphics/text are printed direct on PVC to ensure the highest possible durability, look, and feel.